Brilliant Dressing Hacks That’ll Make You Look Like a Princess

Sometimes we all need just one good advice that’s gonna change our lives forever and we live to tell the tale and our experience to everyone we love. Well, in the fashion world, we can get life-changing advice just as easily – but from random people.

These are some of the most well-kept secrets when it comes to dressing. You can thank us later:

  1. Hide away your bra straps with a bra concealer:

2. Backless fancy dresses are no longer gonna be an issue with this hack:

3. If your bra straps are always in the way, try this simple trick:

4. You love your torn jeans, but they’re actually to ripped to wear? No problem, just sow some patches on them:

5. Here’s the best possible way to tuck jeans into boots:

6. Your zipper keeps on unzipping? Well, with this hack, you can stay confident it won’t:

7. Not sure which necklace goes with which neckline? Here’s a guide for you:

8. Are your shoes too tight? PLace two bags of water in them and freeze them overnight. They will loosen up immediately:

9. Cold in your boots? Here’s a solution:

10. Vertical stripes are gonna make you look wider and horizontal – taller:

11. How to cuff the perfect cuff:

12. Best way to wear jeans and boots: