Bathroom Hack For The Most Disgusting Stains !

If the bathroom and the kitchen aren’t the hardest places to clean, I don’t know what else there is! Also, the bathroom is the place you go to clean yourself – So it needs to be neat and clean, even more than the rest of your house. But sometimes it can be so disgusting to do this.

In this article today we are sharing the easiest ways to clean the bathroom, without much effort, spending money on special toilet scrubs and other things.

Clean the shower head with vinegar

You will need as clear vinegar as possible, the best one is alcoholic vinegar. Don’t mix it with water and clean the shower head directly with the vinegar. Let it stay for a few hours before rinsing it off.

Clean hard water stains

Especially from the jetted tub and the sink, you can exterminate these stains with the next procedure. Fill the tub or the sink with hot water, adding a cup of bleach and half a cup of detergent for dishwash. Swirl it inside and let it soak in for an hour or more. After that, drain the dub and rinse it off with cold water.

Clean the grout

Make a DIY paste out of baking soda and bleach. Using gloves to protect your skin, apply it on the grout and let it sit for few hours. After this, scrub it with a brush. Wait for half an hour more before washing it off with water. You will be amazed by the clear results!

Destroy the black mold

Before working with bleach, always leave a window open, because bleach is a harsh chemical for your body. Also, always wear gloves! So, to get rid of the annoying mold in the bathroom, pour a little amount of bleach in a big bowl of water mixing them well. dip cotton balls inside and apply them on the mold areas on the caulk. Let it soak in for few hours before removing off the cotton balls.

Clean the bathtub

Spray your yellowish, stained bathtub with a DOY cleaner in a spray bottle, which you will make from apple cider vinegar, dishwasher soap and some essential oil you have at home. Let it stay for few hours before scrubbing the stains easily with just an old sponge!

Clean the sink with a denture cleaning tablet

Close the drain of the sink and fill it with hot water – boil the water, don’t use warm tap water. Then, drop a denture cleaning tablet in the sink, leaving it stay for about an hour. When you’ll notice the water becoming clear again, release it from the sink and wipe off using a microfiber cloth or a sponge. You will be amazed by the glow! 

Toilet bombs

If you’re tired from scrubbing off the toilet – make a DIY toilet bomb! Just mix 4 part of baking soda and 1 part of citric acid really well and put them in a silicone mold and let it dry overnight. When you need to clean the toilet, just take one “bomb” and let it inside the toilet. That’s all!

Clean the toilet with a can of Coca Cola

Pour a can of Coke in the toilet bowl. The Pepsin and other acid inside will work in about an hour or less, after which all you need to do is a gentle scrub and flush the toilet. This is not recommended for some heavy rust and stains. For that, you should use the DIY toilet bombs.

Pumice stone as a stain remover

This is the last solution, if the previous two didn’t work out for you with cleaning your toilet bowl. Always make sure the toilet bowl is wet before you use this technique, or you would damage it! Soak in the pumice stone and use it to scrub off the rust rings and other heavy stains. Repeat it for few times, with the flushing afterwards, until you see the wanted results.