Are You Marrying The Right Person? Check This Out!

True love is hard to find. So hard, that it can even hit you in the face, pass by and you won’t even realize it. Yes, because failures are always more present than successful relationships.

That’s why in today’s article we are going to mention some of the most important pointers that your partner at the moment is a partner worth having for a lifetime!

1. Sharing the same perspectives for the future

You are able to think as a couple, which means that you’re able to make compromises about your life and things to do in the future, but not as much compromises as shared – opinion ideas for where your life and future is going, to find the freedom and to be together is one of the most important pillars of a long-lasting love story.

2. “It’s worth it!”

As we mentioned, making compromises is almost always going to be present, sometimes more and sometimes less. But when you feel that it is the right thing to do – you will do it instinctively, even more – it will come naturally to make greater sacrifices.

3. You become each other’s “stone support” 

A day went wrong, a very good joke in the office… you always have that one person in mind to share the good and bad things with. At the end of the very long and nervous day, your partner is the one who boosts you.

4. Feeling content comes naturally, without any extra pressure

When you feel like your partner is just right, feeling excessive happiness and content will just come naturally, without putting too much effort from your side, or your partner’s pushing too much to make that happen either. This will make you humble and peaceful about your relationship and further more, your social media accounts won’t be all about your happy life together, because you won’t feel the urge to brag about your happiness.

5. You will “read each other’s minds”

Well, you won’t turn into psychics, but you will be able to simultaneously and effortlessly understand each other, even in complete silence. A scientific research proved that proves that “love can actually help your nervous system get aligned with your significant other”.

6. Your brain functions differently

The same study, conducted by Stony Brook University also proved that the love doesn’t happen in the stomach, or the heart, as you might feel – but it is all in the head. When you catch yourself thinking about your loved one, the “reward center” in the brain gets stimulated to produce more dopamine – the hormone of pleasure and satisfaction.

7. You want to introduce them

Meeting the parents, the judgmental friends and relatives is always a scary scenario in our heads. However, if you feel at peace with the idea of your partner meeting your family, even more, feel the urge to introduce them faster – you are on the right track and stay there!

8. You feel different without them and their presence

But not in a good way! You will find yourself adapted to each other so much, that the absence will naturally feel strange.

9. The pleasure isn’t in the bedroom only

This is a very important milestone in a long-lasting relationship. Why? Well, intimacy and “love between the sheets” is always what’s good in the beginning, until something goes wrong. Mostly because couples get bored in other activities in life together. However, if the attraction and sensuality is still “on”, even with clothes on – stay there and keep your partner!

10. You become a “WE”

We would be lying if we say we don’t want to hear the WE said from the mouth of our partner when it comes to making plans and discussing about everyday life.

The WE brings mind pleasure and calmness and security to our heart. For your single friends isn’t as thrilling to hear this “WE” part of the conversation, but to be honest – it’s a treasury to have it!

If you were able to find yourself among the majority of these pointers – stay where you are and enjoy what you have, because it surely is precious!