Are You Making These Toilet Mistakes?

Some people would think that sitting on the toilet can’t be done wrong. But oh, how wrong they are.

Sitting on the toilet, depending on how and for how long you’re doing it can really influence your health and you’re not even familiar with any of the consequences, which is probably the worst part.

1. Too Much Time on the Toilet

Yes, we’ve all been there, we know – the bathroom is the one place where we all get our peace and quiet. You can maybe you can read your favorite magazine or check Instagram posts of your favorite influencer. But what you’re unaware of is that this habit can be extremely harmful since it stresses the veins on the lowest part of your rectum and possibly causing hemorrhoids.

2. Pushing Too Hard

Pushing too hard can lead to hemorrhoids. Just change your diet and eat more fiber – fruits and veggies and drink a lot of fluids, especially tea and water. Going to the bathroom will become significantly easier and you’ll no longer need to strain so hard.

3. Look at Your Poop

As gross as it may sound, just a quick glance of your poop can help you in the process of analyzing your health better than most clinical tests. A sausage-shaped stool is a sign of healthy gastrointestinal organs. Hard or lumpy poop means you need to eat more fiber and drink more fluids. Diarrhea might be a result of some mild food poisoning, an infection. If the stool is pencil-thin, that’s a clear sign for colon cancer.

4. You’re Ignoring The Stinky Pee

Don’t worry about a stinky pee if you ate asparagus the other night, but if you hadn’t, then look into the issue. You pee can smell bad because of medications or certain foods too. But if your pee stinks really unpleasantly, and it has a dark color, then you might have a UTI.

5. Flush With Your Lid Down

Whenever you flush, you send millions of bacteria and microscopic feces in the air of the bathroom. So since you now know this, always make sure the lid is down before you flush. If you feel like you’re bound to forget at some point, at least put your toothbrush in a place where bacteria can’t reach it – like, for example, in the cabinet.