Are You and Your Partner Doing These Things Together?

The thing about couples is that regardless of how different the people that are part of the couple may seem, at the end of the day, all couples tend to do more or less the same things.

Most couples fight about the same things, they have more or less the same hobbies, they enjoy some somewhat questionable habits that you would go and do with other people – like for example, inspecting moles or acne, etc.

Now, knowing this about couples and their ways of life, this Korean animator who lives in New Zealand decided to depict the lives of all other couples out there in such a funny way that she gained the hearts of millions of her followers – both from the ones who were in relationships, as well as from the ones whose relationships might have ended, but they could still see that some of the habits and events that are taking place in every couple’s daily routine, are actually pretty similar.

Cooking together, getting mad over social media, swimming together and taking weird pictures, cozying up next to each other and watching your favorite shows are just a few of them.

Enjoy the pictures below: