According To Hair Specialists, Here Are The Most Common Hair Dryer Mistakes We Make !

A hair dryer is probably the most used tool for hair styling, after the regular comb everyone uses. It is such a simple tool to use, no one could go wrong with it. Or can they?

Apparently, according to hair designer specialist, many of us damage the hair while we think we are nurturing and styling it with many substances, but with a hair dryer as well.

According to hair specialists, here are the most common hair dryer mistakes we make at home:

Pulling the hair downward

This actually zaps any potential for volume on the hair. You should instead pull your hair up, which will help in creating a voluminous look.

Holding the blow dryer too close

Every blow dryer has a different force and heat, but, you should never put the hair dryer closer than 12 inches away from your head, or, to be more precise, the distance of your almost stretched arm. Otherwise, you’re risking to make your hair more brittle.

Holding it incorrectly

You should never hold the blow dyer with your dominant hand, because you need the accuracy and dexterity of the dominant hand for the styling part.

Incorrect airflow direction

You should always dry your hair from the roots down to your ends, because this is the direction your hair grows in. otherwise, you can make your hair fizzy and tangle much easier.

Hot air only

Never blow dry your hair with hot air only! To prevent split ends, brittle and damaged hair, and also, to make the curls last longer, always switch between the hot air and cold air mode on your dryer.

Keeping the hair in a towel for too long

And also, blow drying it afterwards can only make your hair crack and brittle, as you are doing it on purpose. Don’t keep the hair in the towel for more than 15 minutes, or if you do, don’t use a blow dryer afterwards.

Thermal protection

If you’re among the people who use a hair dryer almost after every hair wash, then you should definitely use thermal protection products, such as shampoos, conditioners, oils and hair masks. Also, avoid using alcohol-based products.

Start the drying with a diffuser

Getting split ends and fizzy hair is doubled with this! You should always start with normal hair drying at an average temperature, and then, shift to the diffuser just in the very end.

Clean the blow dryer’s net

Because the things that tend to stick inside, such as hair pieces, some fabric from the towel etc, can make it work improperly.

Maximum temperature

Should never be used as an option with the hair dryer. Overly dried hair looks very brittle, it’s not shiny and it’s impossible to style as well.

Holding the blow dryer in one position

Can only make your hair look uneven, because it will be dryer on the spot where you have held the blow dryer the most. That’s not a way to style your hair, but a way to ruin a perfectly washed hair.

Always pay attention to the nozzles

And read which nozzle comes for which use and function. They can be made from ceramic, metal or plastic. They all have a different purpose and heat up differently. Know your tools!

Going out too soon

If you go out immediately after blow drying, your hair just won’t stick the look because of the sudden temperature difference. Also, the skin on your head and your sinuses suffer from this.

Not using the concentrator nozzle

Can make your hair fizzy and harder to style, especially if you want to achieve a straight and strict look.

Not sectioning your hair

It will be more efficient to section your hair into few zones, depending on your hair style and your hair thickness, instead of just blow drying it all at once.