A Simple Tennis Ball Can Relieve Your Back Pain

There is a good chance that you are suffering from sciatic pain – as many of us do – if your lower back pain radiates from the lumbar region all the way to the the back of your thighs and bottom down to your knees.

The pain can sometimes move into your heels and calves. If you’re feeling a tingling sensation in this region, odds are, you have sciatic nerve issues.

The Nervus ischiadicus, or sciatic nerve, is capable of causing incredible pain because it is one of the biggest nerves in your body.

This particular pain is called sciatica and can range from uncomfortable to excruciating. Sciatica pain can be so severe that it is absolutely 100% capable of disrupting your daily activities.

There are some known therapies for this type of pain, but what we will recommend today is a simple therapy that will relieve your pain and reduce the flare ups caused by it.

Muscle manipulation and massages have been repeatedly proved to be greatly effective when treating sciatic nerve pain.

Tennis Ball Therapy

The tennis ball is used to apply pressure on very specific points.

When a muscle is tense or inflamed, wha tit does is that it presses against your sciatic nerve compressing the nerve into tendons in the same vicinity. It’s only because of this compression that you’re experiencing such intense pain.

Get yourself a tennis ball and you’lll be able to improve your circulation and relieve aching in your muscles.