A Pimple That Turned Out To Be a Real Halloween Spook!

There are quite a bunch of phenomena that seem quite normal, but are actually, something else. As science comes across these, it makes steps forward toward new horizons and findings…

Also, using these phenomena to attract followers and YouTube viewers is something that is quite popular these days as well… something that “Dr. Pimple Popper” did, winning amazing 3 million subscribers on YouTube with a simple video.

The woman who goes under the nickname of “Dr. Pimple Popper” is actually the Australian dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee. On her famous YouTube video she hared a patient, whose pimple on her head turned out to be something else completely! 

It was a cyst, located on the scalp of her patient, and luckily that she decided to get a second opinion before doing something on herself.

Dr. Lee performed a simple surgery which made the removal of the cyst painless, also thanks to some numbing medication. However, her patient is not completely asleep, because you can see she actually makes an interesting conversation where the patient explains how she tried to actually pop-out the cyst at home.

When the patient tried to squeeze the pimp out, she noticed “something pointy” that stuck out of the “pimple”, and that later on, started to grow!

Dr. Lee explains that these scalp cysts are called pilar cysts and that they are “sacs in skin that fill up with keratin — the protein that makes up hair and nails, and the cheesy, pungent stuff that comes out when a cyst gets squeezed”.

This is a reminder to all of us to stop trying to pop pimples, because it is a dangerous maneuver that can end up with even more unwanted problems.