A no-Sewing Trick To Repair Your Clothes !

It seems that no one uses a needle and a string anymore. If you have something broken, either you throw it away – because clothes are made so cheap these days, or if you really like the piece – you give it to be repaired. However, all of this is because we hate sewing. At least, I know that I do!

Here’s what you’ll need for fixing the tiny hole problem:

  • Your Damaged shirt
  • An iron and an ironing board
  • A fusible bonding – web
  • A cutaway stabilizer
  • A cotton cloth that doesn’t have any prints on it
  • Spray bottle filled with water

And here are the simple steps of repairing:

1. Turn your shirt from the outside and put it that way on the ironing board. The side with the hole should be on the upside of the ironing board. Iron the area where the hole is very good, until there is no single wrinkle on the material.

2. Then, take the fusible bonding-web and cut a square, no more than 1 inch from the web. Sew it over the hole.

3. Take a larger piece of the cutaway stabilizer and place it directly over the piece of fusible bonding web.

4. Put your iron on “the wool” setting and gently put the cotton cloth over the place where you put the stabilizer and the web. Lightly dampen the whole area with the spray bottle.

5. Take the iron again and put it directly on the spot you just sprinkled with water. Don’t move and don’t put effort to press the spot with the iron. Just let it stay there for about 10 seconds. Carefully remove it afterwards.

This may work after a few tries, but you’ll get it done for sure. The hole will be gone for sure! Just keep repeating the finger-pressing and iron-pressing, until your shirt is as good as new.