A New Vaccine Helps Kill Cancer Cells !

Many studies have recently showed promising results and progress in the fight against cancer.

In this study, a patient from Florida was diagnosed with a non-invasive type of breast cancer in the beginning of 2019, a zero ductal carcinoma in situ, to be more precise.

This means that the doctors found abnormal cells in the lining of the breast milk duct, but, they haven’t spread anywhere else, so she was very lucky with her early diagnose.

After the early notice, she was given three options from the Mayo Clinic surgical team: a mastectomy, a lumpectomy or the ability to participate in a clinical trial for a developing vaccine for cancer. She decided to go into the clinical trial.

She explains that the clinical trial was constructed by a series of injections, specially designed to stimulate the body’s natural immune system in the way to help eliminating cancerogenic cells by itself.

It is basically a training of the organism and the immune system to start recognizing abnormal cells and find a way to destroy them after it recognizes them.

She has passed 12 weeks in the medical trial and then, went to have a mastectomy just as a precaution. In this way, the researches could also follow and analyze the results of the medical trial.

Doctor Knutson, a leading specialist in his field who is working in the Mayo Clinic, explained that they also have success with two other forms of cancer vaccines against triple-negative breast cancer and HER2 positive breast cancer.

The estimated period in which the final versions of these vaccines could be available to the public is 8 years.

“We know that they’re safe. We know that they stimulate the immune system [to fight cancer],” Knutson said in an interview. “We know that they have had a positive impact on ovarian and breast cancer.

We haven’t seen any adverse events that are causing problems other than irritation in the area similar to a flu vaccination. Now we have to convince the FDA, through solid, rigorous clinical trials that we’re seeing what we’re seeing”, he explained.

According to the Annual statistics, breast cancer is currently on the second place of producing mortality among the women in the United States, right after lung cancer.