A Genius Reason to Stick a Fork in Your Garden !

Gardening is the most relaxing and de-stressful hobby. Besides that, the benefit of the work is a speechless passer-by, a Zen place for your afternoon delights and a place for your dinner parties. 

Or, you can harvest your own healthy food corner in your backyard. Don’t worry that your plants won’t be healthy and beautiful – here are some tips to never “lose a plant” ever again.

Muffin tin for a perfect planting grid

It doesn’t matter that a muffin tin’s place is in the kitchen – it can be used perfectly in the garden as well. You can make a planting grid, where you will be able to precisely see where to put the seeds and exactly how much spacing is going to be left between them.

Old forks as garden markers

Metal spoons or take out plastic spoons – it doesn’t matter. Just take a hammer and flatten the area around your garden a bit, then place the markers. You can even add some color if you’re using plastic spoons.

Old bottles for more hydrated plants

If you’re a regular wine drinker and don’t really know what to do with all those bottles, just put some water in them and put them right next to your plant, upside down. Your plant will get enough moist from the ground and sprout its roots sideways, making it stronger.

Plastic forks to fortify the garden

The soil is a home of many unwanted animals for your precious garden plants. If you want to keep them away and restore the order in your garden, just put some old or plastic forks directly next to the plants – they’re a fearful and successful weapon against unwanted visitors.

Planter and wind chime from silverware

You can also use your forks and the rest of your old kitchen utensils for making planters and a wind chime, hanging both of them on the bottom of a colander.

Old cans can be used as plant holders 

Just make sure that your cans are really dry before you fill them with soil. You will quickly make a perfect herb garden in your small space. Also, you can color them with any color and additional designs you want!

Add some additional space 

If space is a problem for you, but you just can’t get enough from new plant and gardening ideas, here’s the thing for you. Make a side opening in an old glass bottle and fill it with soil. Then just put the seeds or the sprouted plant inside and you got a new plant in the air. Plus, you won’t have to worry about recycling…