A Dark Circle Around Your Kid’s Neck Means You Should See a Doctor ASAP!

From time to time, we notice weird stuff on our bodies. They might be a sign of development, such as stretchmarks, but some of them, mean something else entirely.

A dim, dark circle around the neck means alarm! You should go to the medical clinic right away, with no prolonging. Unfortunately, this is a sign of type 2 diabetes.

And this symptom is being recorded especially at kids who have issues with corpulence and obesity.


The true story published on social media, by a very alarmed mother of a 14 year old girl, confirmed the meaning of the symptom of the dark line around the neck. At first, she didn’t pay much attention to the line, saying to her self that it was only a cause of puberty, because the skin is stretching.

However, at the very same time, she noticed her daughter having strong migraines and was constantly parched. After this fall of the immune system, she decided to see a doctor. She was devastated to find out her daughter has a type 2 diabetes so early in her teenage period!

The dark ring around the neck is actually a point, directly connected with the level of insulin in the blood.  Another medical name for the dim ring is “acanthosis nigricans”, and also, it can affect the crotch area and armpits as well.

When the insulin levels are high, the insulin receptors in the skin show this dimmed color on certain body parts, as we’ve mentioned previously. They are an extraordinary cautious sign of this serious and silent disease.

Type 2 diabetes influences the insulin levels and the way the body makes glucose. Unfortunately, it is a condition that can’t be restored to the previous level, but can only be treated.