A Brilliant Use of Onions You Would Never Figure Out!

Onion is the “crying  vegetable” with a very strong, and somehow unpleasant odor. However, this vegetable is in the bases of almost 50% of the dishes we eat daily. But this is not the only use of the onion.

It has so many medicinal benefits, which actually have been proved by modern science. What was once believed to be traditional remedy, now can actually become scientifically proven remedy you can do in your home.

Do you know what else onions are good for, except for a soup? For getting rid of flu! Onions as well as garlics are good for chasing the flu away. So they can be used as prevention not to get the flu in those critical winter periods.

Chopping an onion head in 4 and placing it near your bed, or even in different places in your home can achieve chasing the flu bacteria particles away from the air.

Raw onions have the ability to absorb the germs and other similar microorganisms and prevent them to harm our body. 

This is due to their sulfuric structure and scientists have confirmed that thiosulfinates – the actual ingredient that makes us cry while cutting them is the ingredient that also “fights the flu”.

On the other hand, onions also contain quercetin – an antioxidant that can help our body to eliminate the free radicals and fasten up their immune system reaction.  So, even if you caught the flu already, onions can also help you!

Here’s an extra tip to make an onion remedy at your home, which is completely for another purpose. But equally beneficial!

Before going to bed, chop a part from the heart of the onion and place it directly on your feet, covering it with socks. This can help fight the flu but also, have a beautiful smooth skin on your heals in the morning!