8 Things To Do, To Keep Your Man !

It is known worldwide that a man, though he loves you, can easily scare away from a relationship. Especially if you’re reaching the more intimate and serious aspects of the relationship and starting to look further down the way in the future you two might have together.

On the other side, social networks and possible intimidations get in the way of trust and loyalty among the couples worldwide. With the enormously increased rate of divorces around USA, and the world, staying together in the 21st century is one of the biggest challenges.

We are not saying that it is all up to the woman in the relationship, but here are some tips for women who want their relationship to last.

Stay positive and cool

Women tend to be more dramatic about everyday situations, but nobody likes too much drama in their life. Sure, share your difficulties and emotions with your partner, but don’t bee overly dramatic about it. Show your cool and positive side and your partner will be more amazed about how good you handle your stressful situations in life.

Always show your brains

Beauty is the thing that “catches” a man, but brains are the thing that makes a man to stay in a relationship longer. Men lose interest pretty fast and if your body and pretty face is all there is, he wouldn’t want to stay any longer than a few months.

Be caring

Isn’t this the reason we’re putting up with the difficulties in a relationship? Because we need to feel loved and know that someone (besides our parents) cares for us? So, even though your man is not as caring as you need him to be – don’t stop caring! “Care out” the affectionate side of him!

Honesty on the first place

If you hold back certain aspect of your life and certain patterns of your thinking mind, that will not make your relationship last. Always speak your mind, no matter what. It’s not good to lose yourself because you’re going to lose him even if you lose yourself or pretend to be someone you’re not.

Have more self-esteem

Though is in everyday situations when you ask yourself if you look good in that outfit, is your hair fine today or are his friends going to like you, always have more confidence, even if you really don’t have that much of it! Men like confident woman because they feel they should be serious and stable with them. Not having confidence in yourself makes him lose interest, because if you don’t appreciate yourself, why would you expect him or anyone else respect and believe in you?

Smile, smile, smile!

Make sure you retain your sense of humor – remember how he likes bragging and telling jokes with his friends? Well, having the same sense of humor is going to make him stay, because he would want to open up more about situations in life and he would feel you as a close friend, not only an intimate partner. Men tend to make everyday hard situations humorous, because they feel less stressed about handling them that way.

Be kind

Who doesn’t want a kind human being? Kindness and compassion are the greatest characteristic of a truly beautiful human being – not just the beauty a human has on their face and body.

Always keep the flame burning

Be there for your partner, show him you’re supportive, be a friend…but never forget that romance is what you share with him and no one else! Always keep the flame burning and burn out the fire in him towards you with small things, such as romantic dinners, sexy lingerie etc.