6 Signs Your Relationship Can’t Be Fixed !

A relationship is like a gamble – there is always one side more interested in the outcome than the other. Accepting your partner’s disabilities might be really tough if he’s not doing the same. And on the other side, there’s always the wasted time you just don’t want to waste for vain.

Here are some of the most notable signs your partner is not on the same level with you and you should consider breaking up instead of enjoying those empty promises and regret the time you spent in vain.

You don’t feel like you can trust your partner

“You’ve confided very intimate things to your partner and they betray your trust, and tell anyone who will listen your deepest and most vulnerable secrets,” Dr. Brown says. “Major extensions of your trust have been broken, and often more than once.” 

Every single relationship is based on trust, weather is blood related or not. People need trust to build further things together. After trust, respect is gained. If you can’t move on with this milestone, it’s better to break it than fix it every time.

You don’t share the same values in life

Planning the future is common for a serious relationship. When you see your pathways cross in some crucial point, it’s better to move on than to constantly keep on with the burden of adaptation.

Always arguing

This is a common thing for new and, to be honest, for all couples. Arguing with your partner is completely normal, because you want to achieve something you’re both compassionate about, and just don’t feel like making a compromise. Arguing is a healthy sign of a relationship, except if it’s too often. And if it doesn’t result with an understandement.

You’re experiencing domestic violence

Domestic violence is always a NO-NO! you should put up with some things in life, but never domestic violence! No form of violence is ever comprehensible.  “it is rare that this can be fixed without years of work on the part of the abuser… and then there is no real guarantee that you will get the outcome you want,” dr. Brown comments. The chances are very slim with working out a relationship that has gone to this level and hasn’t reached “a verdict” yet…

Your partner is egoistic

Do you often feel like your partner focuses on their feelings more than finding a compromise to work on? The saying is “Help yourself before helping others”, but this doesn’t come when you’re in a relationship. Everything is shared and commonly worked out in a serious relationship.

You are together for a long time and the problems aren’t solved

You’ve tried everything and there’s just no any result? Don’t feel sorry for the wasted time, at least you’ve tried.  Nothing seems to bridge the gap between you,” Dr. Brown explains. “

You have genuinely lost hope because you have tried and tried again to do whatever you could to work it out with your partner, and it is clearly not working… and not likely to work.” Just have the nerves to be the one who walks away with pride…

Every single creature, whether a boy or a girl, wants their happy end. Or at least, someone who can understand them and talk to them wat the end of the day, and finish with a perfect lovable intercourse.

But, if you’re always the one who’s making compromises, taking things out of your own schedule just to make things work….trust me, it’s not worth it. It’s better to be single than always “on the scale” and waiting for things to be better, right?