5 Most Meaningful Expressions of Love !

Saying “I love you”, French-kissing and holding hands aren’t enough to express your feelings of love and compassions sometimes. Also, every human being is an individual with their own specific needs. Making your significant one feel loved and secured is always finding and speaking the same language only your partner can understand.

However, though every human being is very specific and individual, here are the most common meaningful ways, besides kissing and saying that you love your partner constantly, that express true and unconditional love towards them:

1. Touches

The occasional and unexpected little kisses on the cheek, he neck, the slight touches with the hands, the small hugs that last just a second but mean so much…these little things are better than constantly holding your partner, limiting their movement and freedom, which sometimes can even be considered as a selfish gesture. This shows off your closeness and tenderness more than constantly being “glued” together

2. Help

Helping your partner, even if they don’t say they need your help is a greater form of communication. It means that you understand exactly what they’re going through, without you mentioning. You are their stepping stone, their invisible holding hand and this way they will understand you are by their side, no matter what. This is a clear sign of a mature and lasting relationship, because your partner knows you can take on responsibilities instead of them, when they’re helpless and feeling down

3. Support

Even though you and your partner have a slightly different idea of some things in life, ii is crucially important, for the relationship to last and develop, to show support for each other’s actions and deeds, even though sometimes, you wouldn’t understand them or completely agree with them. This shows the bigger person in yourself. Sending inspirational notes, showing enthusiasm and listening about their ideas and concepts of something that at the moment is really important to them, shows gratitude, enthusiasm and sends enormous inspiration towards your partner. It’s what means the most to them in those times

4. Presents

Who doesn’t want to be shown attention with presents? Whether your partner is a man or a woman, both equally want to be surprised with a present that matches their personality and need at the time of receiving it. Arranging small surprises, getting to know what they and only they especially want, even if it’s a silly small thing – wrapping it up in a surprise gift, even a candy bar means the world to your partner. Even if it’s not a special occasion, giving a gift, whether is small or big, is always a good idea to express your love towards your partner

5. Time

There’s no bigger present and thing to give to your partner, except your time. At the end, you spend your free time with the ones that make you feel complete, and spending a lot of time with your partner, no matter if you’re living together or not, means a lot.

There are couples who live under one roof, but don’t spend time together. Giving your time and attention to do the things you both compromise and like is the best present to give. This shows no one else is that important.