117 Year Old Woman Was Proof If You Want a Long And Happy Life, You Don’t Need a Man !

There are many “secrets” that are supposed to giveaway the key to long life and happiness. Balanced eating, less stress in everyday life, yoga, praying… There are also the rumors that in the temples of Buddhism these secrets and secret balsams are stored… it might be true.

However, a person who has lived through three centuries and has reached the amazing number of 117 years of life, is telling the true secret of her long -lasting life and happiness…

Her name is Emma Morano and she was born in Italy in the year of 1899. Passing away in 2017, she has lived through amazing three centuries, survived 2 World Wars and has shared with us the secret to longevity.

Her advice to you is.

Stay single and don’t think that life with a partner is all there is! She wasn’t single all her life – she was a mother and a wife. But after her son has passed away, her husband grew even more intimidating and abusive, so she decided to leave him. This happened in 1938. Since then, she has had some flings, but nothing serious ever happened, as she claimed.

Rolling solo CAN be efficient and bring happiness in your life. Even if you’re a parent – being a single parent is not as tough as you imagine at the moment. On the bright side, you won’t end up putting up with all the unberable things your partner does, and you’re only prolonging the departure and failure of your relationship with your nerves breaking down, while your partner doesn’t seem to do anything to improve.

And if you’re single and feeling sad about it – don’t! Emma was a living proof that single life is less stressful.

Roll solo, get out there an grab life by the horns!