10 Important Signs That Scream You’re Stressed !

Take your health seriously! I know this is a phrase you often hear or read, but I am once again repeating, because stress is such a silent and sneaky bastard, that can even get you killed, without you realizing you were stressed and something in your perfect machine of human body went terribly somewhere along the road, and you were able to stop it, but you didn’t quite read the signs properly.

Here are the most common signs that you’re overstressed and your body’s screaming for help!

Weight fluctuations

Some intense experiences and stressful periods in life can make you gain or lose weight so quickly, you wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise without the stress factor included. This can be because of two things:

  • Due to the increased hormone called cortisol, which is responsible for stabilizing metabolism fats and carbs, and because of too much stress, your body isn’t able to process them
  • Due to the increased level of adrenaline, which makes you lose weight, because adrenaline speeds up the whole metabolism and thus, makes you lose weight in no time. This is not healthy!

Skin diseases

A high level of especially psychological stress is proved to be the cause of acne, psoriasis and other similar skin issues, especially among students

Gastrointestinal disorders

Again, the adrenalin level is responsible for this, because guess what? Adrenalin is made inside the gut.

Frequent colds

Cortisol, besides being responsible for the body’s fat and carbs, is also responsible for suppressing inflammation. A study showed that “, if a person is experiencing chronic stress, the immune system becomes less sensitive to cortisol, which results in a more serious inflammation”. That’s why the body has a really high risk of getting a cold once more. 

Hair loss

If you recently discovered that your hair is falling off more than previously, and no additional vitamins or healthy lifestyle is helping, overstressing might be the issue. If you want to stay beautiful, be more calm and positive!


It is believed that the thinking process is only happening inside the brain, thus, it is no wonder to get frequent and medically incurable headaches if you’re overstressing and overthinking. Ditch the pills that aren’t working anyway and start with more positive thoughts, or even, start with beginner’s yoga!

Low libido

Emotionally drained and unable to feel satisfaction in almost nothing in life, as well as making love with your partner is another very common sign of overstressing. Try taking a vacation or a weekend together to smooth things out.

Cardiovascular problems

Chronic stress is proved to disrupt the natural orders of the body’s processes and the overall metabolism, thus, it is the main cause of many cardiovascular diseases.


If you ask me, this is the biggest symptom of chronic stress. Not being able to rest or sleeping about the problems you  are experiencing in real life is the biggest sign that you need to take things a bit slower, because you might end up in a nut house! Sleep is a body’s basic need.

A difficulty to focus

How would you be able to focus on something, if your thoughts are burdened with something far more serios by your opinion. This might make you feel distracted from social life, friends and family etc.

Keep your life in track because no situation can be solved with overstressing. Answers swim out from under the stormy mind, but only when the mind is able to think clearly, when it is calm…